We set a new standard to change the paradigm of Sino-Korea relationship.
We believe in the potential of young & talented individuals who are the future leaders of our countries. Our long-term relationship built from early stages of career is set to shape a whole new paradigm of Sino-Korea relationship.

Aligned Interest – We grow as our partners grow.
Our success is contingent on our partners’ success. We have aligned interest with our partners from both Korea and China to increase & intensify bilateral cooperation and create practical value that would benefit every party involved.

Integrate for better value and share for better tomorrow.
Talents are worth more when they are together than alone. We provide a Sino-Korea-focused platform where an individual talent meets one another to build up a sustainable network, and we aim to share that increased value with the broader public to benefit our society.

Who We Are

Korea-China Young Leaders Association (“KCYLA”) is a non-profit organization endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Korea (legal registration under Seoul Metropolitan Government), also a cross-border network platform for the next generation of leaders between Korea and China, that is committed to creating practical – economically and socially – value and shaping a new paradigm for Sino-Korea relationship.

Our mission is not just limited to building a network, but extends toward making actual impacts to the society and opening up a set of new possibilities for those who are willing to expand their personal territory beyond the border.

What We Do

Integrating Human Resources

International Events (we organize a variety of international events – conference, forums, exhibitions, etc. – to bring together the most valuable human resources across the border and create synergy from extended network)

Materializing Into Practical Value

Public Engagement (We leverage our human resources to help government institutions add value to national interest) Corporate Cooperation (We offer a comprehensive line of service towards private companies to help them realize their dreams beyond the borders at a minimized cost)


Human capital is our single most important asset.
Our mission is materialized through our cross-border network that enables a variety of Sino-Korea cooperative projects

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Our philosophy and activities are shared with the public.
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